Road Trip Rummage Sale

Long story short, we are having a rummage sale from 5 to 7 pm tonight. In Yankton, South Dakota. At my wonderful MIL's home. Rummages in Yankton are awesome to hold...it is a thriving re-sale community. Today I am finishing sorting everything that was left from Children's Closet, going through the kids clothing one more time and organizing it so that we can roar into town, back the SUV into Grandmas driveway and unload it all right before the sale is scheduled to start.

Cause I am wild like that.


Vintage Book.....Shredded Paper

What do you do with a fabulous old, old, old book that is falling-apart-beyond-being-able-to-read?

Make paper shreds!

This will be so cool to use as filler in Etsy packages, UPS packages and in gift bags.


Childhood Yummies

I love me a vintage Whitmans coloring book! There is just something about them that shouts out to me to remember childhood and a simpler time. And the fact that it was Christmas themed was a huge bonus. Haven't decided yet if I shall keep or Etsy it.

And truly...how adorable is this vintage light switch cover depicting Jack and Jill's ill choices on that fine summer day? They look quite happy tumbling!

The kids are back to school today after a lovely Easter break and this morning is going to be spent at the dealership having the brakes done on my car. I am going to bring along a book and enjoy a glass of iced tea and am rawther looking forward to it!

Enjoy your day,


Easter Conversations With Bud

"Do you think the Easter Bunny is really real or do you think it is a corporation? You know...somebody hired to go up and down the street delivering baskets?"



Tiny Metal Love

These are the latest goodies to land in the Etsy shop!


Baskets Full Of Easter Joy

I am going to admit something. And you are not going to judge.


I didn't get my Easter decorations out this year. I thought about it a few times, I did. But did nothing about it. And then realized there are kids here who are expecting an Easter Egg hunt. And sort of expecting that the house will be decorated somewhat. They sure have a lot of expectations around here!

I did bring up the Easter wreath I made last year and that may be the majority of the decorating for now. That I shall hang a wreath for each holiday in our entry way.

And now, I need to go buy more jellybeans to fill eggs since the jellybeans purchased earlier in anticipation of Easter Baskets seem to have mysteriously disappeared the past week or so.

There might be a chocolate bunny missing, too.



To The Post Office, James!

I'm kidding. I don't really have a driver to take me to the post office. But I could totally get into that.


Flocked Salt and Pepper Figures?

This set might be one of my more unusual thrifted items.

I haven't come across these before! A donkey, a mule and a bull--flocked--salt and pepper holders. And from the looks of them, they were used and used often!

This on is my favorite, just for the expression on his face.

They will be landing as a group on the shelf at Memory Lane or on Etsy.


April 19th...Not December 19th...

There are a whole lot of confused birds in Siouxland this morning.

My toe froze before I could letter the T.

I am so going back to bed.


Feelings, Nothing more than feelings...

Cozy: It is rainy and dark and I am glad to be warm inside and still in my pj's and the whole house smells like yummy pancakes we made for breakfast.

Frustrated: Some things that were supposed to happen by now have not and I am not good at being patient.

Worried: My cough is back.

Surprised: Who knew that relay races would still happen even in rain and snow? Run, Lu, Run!

Grateful: Always grateful

Creative: I've been breaking out the old picture books, vintage frames and glitter the last few mornings and am feeling rawther proud of myself.

What are you feeling today?



I have been stocking crafting supplies for several years now.
And am always surprised when I come across yummies that I stuck away (in a non see-thru container, typically).
I've been trying to make sure that I will use the goodies that I have and not just keep on collecting.

The last few days, I listed some of these on Etsy...and this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are lots of fun treasures coming in the weeks ahead!


Flicka, Ricka and Dicka

Children's closet finds! I did very, very well not bringing a bunch of stuff back into the house. Bud has a new pullover sweatshirt that features his elementary school mascot and a Star Wars Millennium Falcon that nearly brought me to my knees assembling, Lu has a pair of yoga pants and I am the proud new owner of a set of Flicka, Ricka and Dicka books!

Did you read these as a child? Do you also remember Snipp, Snapp and Snurr? Such memories!

I still adore the Betsy Tacy books and still read them all the time. Trixie Belden is still a big favorite around here. And Laura Ingalls Wilder! When I was sick over the winter, I read the entire series again.

What were your favorite books growing up? Do you still own them? Do you still read them?



I was excited to head out yesterday morning and make a quick round of 3 thrift stores that are located in relatively the same area. I typically figure that if I hit one of them, I can take 15 more minutes and visit the other two. We are wacky people, us thrifters, aren't we?

Giftwood, Made In Japan--Love the color of this piece. Perfect to hold treasures.

I really don't drink that much, but am drawn to anything that screams Cocktails! I would have grooved the 50s and 60s. These are swizzle sticks that resemble kitchen matches.
And yes, I am still very drawn to owls. If not for me, then for you.

These treasures and others can all be found on Etsy.


Art, Basketball and A Shelf...

Now that the weather is nicer, Bud has been rooting around our yard looking for pieces to make into art, which he loves to make every day. I think the way he placed all these pieces on the paper is stunning. He is my baby and most everything he does impresses me!

Lu just finished her basketball season...they went from having some rough games where we all just wanted the scores to be close to winning the last 2 tournaments. These girls have truly become a team...they are dedicated, caring, funny, kind and talented. We can hardly wait for them to play next fall. Who knew I was going to go from being such a stage Mom to a loud, screaming basketball fan?

I was asked the other day if I am missing my booth.
Yes! Starting last Friday, I am renting a shelf at Memory Lane. Not a full blown booth, mind you, just a shelf in a glass case. To put smalls in.

But here is my question: How do you decorate a shelf? I am pretty good at decorating a booth with fabric and lots of tiny white lights...but a shelf? I'll try to remember to snap a picture so you can see the size of it and what I am putting in there. We shall see. Advice is welcomed.

Well, that is all from me on this fine Wednesday morning! Enjoy your day,