Soup Supper

I was fuh-reee-zing last night. Being the head chef in this establishment, the rest of the family pretty much has to go with what I deem favorable for supper. I went to my well-thumbed copy of our local Mops cookbook looking for some soup inspiration.

I wanted something creamy, hot and super delicious. So fixed a big ol pot of Wild Rice Soup! Totally said in Paula Deen's southern accent.

I've found the perfect little dinner rolls to serve alongside any type of soup...

They are Hyvee frozen dinner rolls, but you let them rise for about 6 hours, bake em and the compliements will cover you.

I know it is really unseasonal to ask this but, What is your favorite soup? We love homemade veggie beef using stew meat, chicken noodle and chicken enchilada. Does chili count? Chili, too! For a cold summertime soup, I love gazpacho.


One ends, another begins

Lilacs have come to an end in our area, but the purple iris are in full bloom!


Nesting Dolls

Whenever I see nesting dolls I always think of the video they would play during episodes of Sesame Street. Do you remember that one? Click HERE to view it.
These gorgeous ladies were found at Second Season on Pierce Street here in Sioux City...


Tap, tap, tapping on my window...

This past week, we could hear loud banging upstairs...It was startling.

It was insistent...

And very, very loud!

Hello, Mr Oriole! May I get you an orange?

He shows up daily.



I knew, knew I had some good thrift Karma heading my way when I found a new place to do some digging.

I knew it the second I walked through the doors. It was like my thrifting fairy would touch my shoulder and whisper "this way...there is something you will love right over here..."

I am buying that fairy a latte later today.

Better pictures will be coming...there is absolutely zero sunshine here this morning.


From The "Free" Table

Most sales I visit always seem to have a table or box filled with items that have a sign attached saying: Free! Help Yourself!
Stuff that the seller can just not figure out why someone would want, let alone pay for...

But still too good to just throw away...

These were found at a Church rummage last week! After I made my purchases, I mentioned that I was going to take a couple trays from their free table by the door. I always like to tell people if I do take something off their free pile, just because...

The two ladies working the check out wanted me to know there were areas of rust on the trays, but that is completely ok by me...These are going to be perfect for the studio to use as glitter trays!

Do you have 'free tables' in your areas that you rummage? Do you find things on them you can use?


Vintage Recipe Box

I was at a rummage sale in Leeds last week, looking through tables set up in a tiny garage when I spotted this box:

I love the colors on it and do not mind a bit that the top decal is mostly gone:

This recipe box has the best color to it, it made me think of a Grandma's kitchen or Christmas time.

It had been used. It hadn't sat on a shelf admired for its prettiness...

The woman selling it said it was a gift to her and her husband 60 years ago when they were first married.

I love hearing the history of treasures thrifted!


Lilacs, lilacs everywhere!

One of the tell tale signs that summer is truly right around the corner...

I can't get enough of them...

Every morning I have been replacing the vases around the house with fresh bouquets...

And then getting in a friendly debate with Hubby over the pronunciation of them.

They are called LIE-locks. Not lie-LACKS. (To me, anyway! Hubby strongly disagrees.)

Enjoy your day!


Dreaming Of Veggies

I have been doing much contemplating of the garden this year. Realistically looking at my space and how much of it I will be able to use. And this year, I shall truly try not to over-plant.

Which is a real problem for me.

The Gurney seed catalog came way back in January and I think after months of browsing, this is what I am going to do:


Chocolate Cherry Tomatoes

Heirloom Rainbow

Chocobelle Sweet Peppers

Italian Basil

Seriously, those peppers and chocolate cherry tomatoes are the best! We always bought them at the Sioux City Farmers Market last season, so in the event mine do not make it, we know where to purchase them.

What will your garden grow this year?


Book Sales and Nooks...

Lu, A Girlfriend and I went to the annual Sioux City library book sale Friday night, elbow to elbow with all of the other book readers looking for a deal. Found some wonderful copies. So wonderful that yesterday I took Bud back with me to visit the sale once more. (I typically will visit the book sale several times over the course of the week of the sale)

One of my favorite finds Friday night was this Time Life Christmas book:

The pages are filled to the brim with wonderful Christmas memories:

And last, but certainly not least...Look what arrived for Mothers Day! Wheeeeeeeeee!
I am loving, LOVING the Nook Color. So are the kids. We have been negotiating for Nook time all day.