Getting My Glitter On For Halloween

You may remember the Walk Of Shame I made last month after breaking a clock. My plans were to glitter it in Christmas colors...but after playing around in the studio, decided to go with more of a fall theme:
I am extremely pleased with how this turned out:

Love me some glitter.

Enjoy your day! Sonya


These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things...

Still in love with the tiny stuff. This itty bitty find reminds me of Christmas and obviously was given out during the holiday season as customer appreciation gifts:

That when you open reveals a teeny tiny pencil! Love.

This metal ruler is wonderful. And it was used often from the looks of it.

And a not-so-tiny metal cake frosting spreader. That would work well as a cake slicer, too!

Find anything fab over the weekend?

Enjoy your day! Sonya


Thrifting Groove

Well, I am definitely getting back into a thrifting groove this week. After running a few necessary errands each morning, I had time to stop at several old haunts to see what's new since I last darkened their doorsteps. And there were several great things that came right on home with me!

That being said...By 1:00 each day, I was tapped out. So yes, I am feeling much, much better. And yes, I realize I can't just jump back into everything with both feet. Cause the body says HALT when it is ready for me to be done.

Thankfully, I had not halted before finding this piece at Memory Lane. Never really thought of myself as an Angel Collector, but this piece is excellent. I am LOVING the crumpled tin foil in the frame and the fab vintage plastic frame itself. The picture just glows! Haven't decided yet if it will be a part of our Christmas decor or if it will head on to Etsy.

We shall see.

Enjoy your day! Sonya


Acts of Kindness {Meals}

Today, I drive! I have been waiting for this day for two whole weeks.
Nearly giddy with the excitement and joy of going wherever I would like to go, seeing things I haven't seen for weeks, perhaps months! I shall let you know what I find.

This showed up on our doorstep last week from my next door neighbor, Ruth. Right about the time I was wondering what on earth we were going to eat for lunch that day.

Since the surgery, we've had everything from this gorgeous sandwich platter to frozen homemade dinners to the best chicken tortilla soup I have ever eaten to lasagna to deli chicken with the yummiest cheesy potatoes. And chocolate. Because chocolate helps you heal faster. Lots and lots of chocolate. From surprise lunches, like the above all the way to my girlfriend who called and asked what kind of takeout we would like her to drop off. Every single meal was filled with kindness and love and we were all so glad to have them.

It makes me realize I need to step it up a bit more when someone is in need. We have been on the receiving end of kindness for the past few weeks and I am eager to pay that forward.

Are you good about taking meals to people? What do you like to bring?

Enjoy your day, Sonya


First Day Of School {2011} and Callie

Wow. Quiet House.

She is missing them, too.

Enjoy your day! Sonya


Happy Holiday WNAX Radio 570

A few weeks ago I was clearing out some boxes in the studio and came across a large one marked RADIO.

This is the Box O' Memories I have been toting around for the last...hmmmm...11 years. Since I retired from radio to raise my little ones. One who is nearly 14. Which is a whole other post of freak out, so let's move past that little nugget of panic for me and zip right back to the box of Radio Stuff.

We all have those boxes of our history. Things we want to hold onto and get out every once in a while and sift through and then close back up for a few years until you get the urge again.

The Radio Box was filled with over 10 years of my memories of WNAX as well as over 40 years of my Dad's. He did everything from write copy, to announcing, to holding the title of GM for a time. But what he enjoyed the most and did the longest over his career in radio was selling advertising. So there is a whole lotta advertising materials in this box.

Every time I was done looking through all these papers of memories, there was a pesky little humming in the back of my mind that I should find a way to keep some of it out, to display and enjoy.

Which is exactly what I ended up doing! I typically have Christmas on the brain year round. As soon as we wrap up the holiday season, I am thinking ahead to the next December and what to give, display, make. So when I saw this old advertising gloss of the Happy Holiday WNAX Radio Show, I knew it would be framed and hanging on my wall in a few months.

The frame was found for 25 cents at a thrift store and is a great avocado green color from the 60s...plastic-y and perfect for this ad.

Old friends we knew, spent time with and loved are smiling down.

I am so glad to have found a way for just one of those sheets to come out and be a part of our decorating this Christmas.

(And WNAX--If you would like to recreate this show, I can make myself available the month of December...)

Enjoy your day! Sonya


Bud: Guest Blogger

Today, I have a special Guest Blogger: Bud! I handed him my camera last evening while he was playing in the yard and this is what he showed me through his camera lens.

Hi Bud! Thanks for taking the time out of our busy schedule to show me around the yard!

Hi Mom!
These tomatoes I picked fresh from our garden.

This pepper has been growing a long time from a seed and is almost ready to pick.

This stepping stone, I made at my nature camp. We step on in when we are doing our picking.

These are tomato buds from our tomatoes. I had to scrouch down to take these ones.

When I was up by my tree house I saw these plants and thought I might stop and take a picture of them.

This is a picture of our rock garden. It was hard to take this one because the sprinkler was going and I didn't want the camera to get wet.

This was on our patio. These are my Dads red flowers we planted last month. There are 2 of these, but this one looked better than the other.

There wasn't much more in the backyard so I went out front and these bushes and the flowers from the flower box were there.

This was my shadow. My Mom thought it was cute. And I like it, too.

This was in the backyard again. I thought it was nice so I scrouched down by it, focused and took a picture once again.

Great job Bud! I like seeing things through your eyes. And you are a good scrouch-er. Would you like to guest blog for me again sometime?

Sure, Sonya! I would surely do this again!

You can call me Mom.


Enjoy your day! Sonya


Care To Join Me?

I am bored.


So this post may be a bit boring. This is your heads up.

My coffee tastes good. Let's take a picture of that!

Can't drive for another week yet. Which means zero thrifting. Which is sad because my blog is called Dime Store THRIFT.

But, I am feeling healthy, so that is excellent. Good enough to, you know, leave the house and go do something.

Like shopping. For cool vintage yummies. That I am certain are out there right at this very moment and someone else is scooping them up and cackling and saying to themselves "I bet Sonya would LOOOOOVE this!! Too bad she is unable to drive and find all these treasures that are now mine, mine, mine!! BAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!"

Now I just feel anxious. And a bit paranoid.

Enjoy your day!
Sonya of Dime Store Let's-Just-Hang-Out-For-Another-Week-Or-So


Put One Foot In Front Of The Other...

The look on Callie's face made me chuckle when I came around the corner...

"Hey...you OK?"

"Ummm...guys...she is up...she is walking TOWARDS ME"

I am home, safe and sound and resting comfortably! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers and emails. They all come back to you thousandfold. We did the surgery back in Yankton since that is where my beloved Dr Ferrell does his best work. The surgery center attached to the hospital is excellent and was a good experience.

Driving the hour back to Sioux City on Wednesday? Not so much. Since then my days have fallen into a predictable routine...Breakfast and nap, shower and nap, lunch and nap, supper that someone has dropped off followed by a nice nap before bedtime. Each day involves less napping, thank goodness, because I am bored out of my mind and it does feel wonderful to do tiny activities through out the day. Even though the activities make me sleepy. Geez.

Lu and Bud start school this week. I could just cry that our summer vacation is over! But am trying to keep it together because that would only mean I would need another nap and for the love of pete, I do NOT want another nap.

I did put the Dime Store Thrift ETSY shop back online and have really good intentions to begin filling it for fall and the holidays. I had thrifted some really fab things over the summer that have been destined to hit the shop when the season arrived...and from the look on the calendar, the season has arrived!

Regular blogging will resume on Monday.

Enjoy your day! Sonya


A Bit Of A Blog Break...

Heading in for surgery next Monday. Why does the term routine surgery frighten me? Is there really any surgery that is routine, truly? Another reason never, ever, ever to Google. All prayers being accepted at this time.

I should be back at home, lets say, Thursday-ish. But am uncertain as to when I am going to be back online...a week or two? I won't be thrifting for at least a few weeks after that. So you just get to listen to me babble about home front stuff in the meantime.

Be good, be safe and talk to you soon!


Bud's Mozzarella Salad

Teaching my youngest well...

Tomatoes and basil straight out of the garden! I swear this might be the best part of August.

Enjoy your day! Sonya


Everything Old Is New Again

This quilt was on a bed while I was growing up:

I vividly remember taking it off my bed at the cabin 10 years ago and replacing it with one that was more floral.

I found it in the top of my closet this past week, folded tightly away, almost as if I could make it disappear since it was obviously so not cool.

I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I was to see it again and how glad I am to have it in use!

Enjoy your day! Sonya