Booth 316 at Memory Lane

Good Morning! Thought you would like to see what the booth looks like without all the Valentines Day hearts and red accents.

I pulled in a wooden shelf along the left side so I could add a few more shelved items instead of hanging right now. It is pretty dark and not very Spring-like, but it is serving its purpose at the moment.

All the kitchen items are new-to-the-booth as well...most of them are larger and make for a shipping nightmare, so right now will see if they get sold here or if they will be moved over to the Etsy Shop.

I have SUCH a weakness for vintage kitchen...it is so difficult to walk past these fabulous cake stands and serving trays and not scoop them up. They all represent such a lovely era!

Today is going to be spent in the Studio creating some fun framed goodies, cleaning up some computer files and getting book work and tax information pulled together for my accountant. Hmmmm...I think the 'work' will get done first and then the 'play'.

Enjoy your day,


Shelley Germann said...

Yes, kitchenware is a weakness for me, too! I like the yellow plaid thermos(?) atop your shelf, too!

Into Vintage said...

Fun to see your space as I'm on the hunt for inspiration for my new (and very small) mall space. I have the same idea about too-big-to-ship-easily pieces -- hoping they'll sell in the mall first.

Zootsuitmama said...

Love it~and I too love the kitchen stuff! Happiness is Grandma's kitchen! Anyway it sure brings back memories of my shop, rearranging and "playing"! Good luck!

Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

Thanks Shelley, that piece is VERY cool...it has a "Pelican" spout:)

IV--CONGRATS on your new space! Can't wait to see what you do with it.

Zoot--It truly does, doesn't it? Something about that warm, cozy kitchen of our memories:)

Lisa said...

I love vintage kitchen stuff too. Pyrex is a big obsession.