I Have Not Even Made A Dent In Cleaning The Studio

Not really, anyway. Not nearly as much as I need to do.

But how nice is that stack of books?!


AuntLou said...

I do not know. I have just brought home a container of Oxiclean, because my sister-in-law recommends it. :)

Barbara said...

I like Biz, and I like OxyClean. There's a scary recipe online (you can probably google it) for a mixture of Cheer, Biz and bleach, but I wouldn't use bleach on these. (Or on much else, for that matter.) There sure is something about baby clothes that touches the heart.

Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

I have heard a lot about Oxyclean...if this does not work, will give that a run. Am going to wait until this afternoon to even take them out and see how the Era worked.
I WAS going to try some bleach on the white stuff, but then felt it would just dissolve the whole outfit into a poof of steam;)