Well, Look At Me Drawing...

This is about all I've been able to do with thrifting recently!

But now school is out for summer and I have high hopes to get into a groove beginning next week.

Today, Lu is on a trip to Adventure Land with her 8th grade (or should I say 9TH GRADE!) classmates and Bud is enjoying a couple days with his Grandma.

So I think I am going to fly through a few errands that need to be run and projects that need to be tackled and some cleaning that needs to be taken care of and some picture taking and listings made on Etsy and booth rearranging at Memory Lane and laundry that needs to be washed and all the kids' end-of-year paperwork that needs to be sorted/disposed of and a couple bags dropped off at Goodwill and...Well, you know how it all goes. After looking back through my list, I think I am just going to pour another cup of coffee and just relax for another few minutes before I hit the ground running.

Enjoy your weekend!


Library Book Sale (Part 2)

So where was I now? OH yes...back to the library book sale on Saturday. Which was much lovelier than the trip on Friday Night. I am just not a crowd-of-people sort of girl. I get irritated and when nudged, I have a tendency to want to nudge back. Or when people are looking at books to their right with a huge box resting on the books I want to look at on their left...yeah...it just doesn't bring out the best in me. So it is much, much better if I go when the crowds have thinned out a bit and I can just look and look and look.

I was very happy with what I found Saturday as well! The one that tickled me the most was finding the pristine copy of Mrs Sharps Traditions. Such a fun read! I don't think it had ever been cracked open.

So...not too bad! I had found 8 more great books and was still pleased I didn't go overboard. And then I went back to the book sale today for the final day of the sale. There were a LOT left.

I might have gone a wee bit overboard.
These will be taken to the lake this summer...
Many of these children's books will be used for crafting as they are falling apart, the top books will be also taken to read over the summer. I simply cannot wait to sit down and go through them tomorrow!
How are you at book sales (auctions...crowded stores...)? Do you thrive on the crowds of the people or want to nudge back, too?


Library Book Sale (Part One)

Lu and I hit the Library Book Sale Friday night and I was so very excited to find the books I found! This year I went with the idea that the books I needed would find me without much intense effort on my part.
And we didn't go until the sale was well underway to miss that first rush of book lovers.

My happy finds were the 3 hardcovers by the fabulous Mary Randolph Carter. The woman browsing next to me picked up each one and flipped through it and then would set it down. And I would pick it up. The BG&H Decorating book was in the same section.

I was so proud of myself for showing restraint and such focus walking out with only 4 books!
And then I went back on Saturday...(to be continued...)