A Fuzzy Wuzzy Picture Story Book (Christmas in July)

One of my close friends from Memory Lane gave me this as a "Christmas In July" gift the other day. I was thrilled to pieces...Christmas, Whitman and Flocking come together to make this fun book!

Perfect Gift RH...Perfect Gift! It will be a wonderful addition to our Christmas decor.


Vintage Baby Clothing

Last month I was thrilled to pieces to come across a huge amount of vintage baby clothes. After soaking for a few days in laundry soap and then washing on gentle cycles, most every single stain was gone! Hurray!
I promised pics of the results, so here we go:

Baby Blanket with fabulous graphics

Handmade  Heather Blue Pullover

Tiny Handknit Sweater with Lovely Detailing

Tiny Pink Sweater Dress by Nannette

I want to cuddle with that button, it is so pretty!

I love both the top and the tiny matching shorts

Vintage Baby Bonnet

FUR Vintage Baby Bonnet

Diaper cover with ruffle

Handmade Dress with Embroidery

PJ bottoms in Flannel

Vintage NightGown Circa late 1960's/early 1970's

Oh and these last 3 knits just made me swoon! 2 dresses and a teeny tiny cardigan....sigh.
I will get more pictures taken and show you the rest of the beautiful baby clothes. They will all be heading to Memory Lane within the next week or so!


Random This and Random That...

 Finding Water and Floating For Hours

We have been unplugged for a week. It's been a good thing as Summer is slipping by frighteningly fast.

Lu and I are going in search of the perfect sundress that she has been wanting. I may, just may, need a nice glass of wine about 4pm.

My boys headed down to KC for a Royals game this afternoon. Bud was as excited as Hubby and both are toting their gloves. And KC hats. And lots and lots of water. 102 is the forecast!

I had a delicious yet disappointing dream last night that I found the Mother Lode of all vintage Christmas at a Flea Market with everything priced 25 cents to a dollar. Delicious because I am thinking of fun things that have yet to be found. Disappointing because I truly woke up feeling I had FOUND them. Have you had those before?

I purchased a mango while we were gone and brought it back home with us. I have no idea what to do with it. Peel? Not Peel? (update...we peeled...)

We have nothing in the house other than coffee, 3 pieces of stale bread and a tiny bit of OJ. So after we find that cute dress, Lu gets to do some grocery shopping with me today.

And do 18 more loads of laundry.

And catch up with friends.

A few weeks ago I received the most interesting email from a woman who was going to be cleaning out her relatives estate who had been a bit of  a hoarder and she invited me along for the trip. Unfortunately, it wasn't going to work out to meet her up in Wisconsin. But I am SO enjoying her emails as she unearths the past!

The 40% off sale is continuing at Memory Lane for a bit longer as I am getting ready to re-do the space. Either through this Sunday or the last day of July. I need to visit the booth today and do some fluffing!

A couple hours tonight will be spent at our Super Secret Picking Spot. The last time I was there was 2011 so it is very much time to go do some major digging.

See...told you it would be Random today!

Enjoy yours,