1970 Was A Very Good Year:

I found these 2 cuties last week when I came across those vintage ornaments. Perfect harvesty orange and yellow painted metal, it was an easy decision to bring them on home to add to the owl collection!


You Might See A Beat Up Jar Of White Table Syrup...

But I see a fabulous vintage Christmassy colored jar that I am going to be using in a Holiday Display!


Christmas Thrift Therapy

And the Christmas Thrift Angels Sang...


I Cannot...Even...Believe...This Happened...

3 Wreaths hit the cement floor in the basement last night. I hung them on a non-sturdy pole and then accidentally backed into it and the next thing you know? I am surrounded by 200 shattered vintage Shiny Brites. Worse part? 2 of those wreaths were not even mine anymore. I was felting the backs of them for someone.

Hands down the saddest moment ever in the Studio. Ugh.

Another day, right? Back at it.


October At Memory Lane

Thought I had better post a couple picks of Halloween and Fall decor before we go full blown Christmas in Booth 316 at Memory Lane.

Most of these treasures were pulled from Etsy and marked to move!

If you have a display, how soon will you put out YOUR Christmas? I am shooting for October 31st...maybe the 30th.



By the end of the day yesterday I could feel that tingling in the throat and beginning of tiredness that is typical of what happens before I am down for the count.
So we decided to cancel some plans with friends and just cozy in for the night which felt absolutely wonderful! I fixed soup for the rest of the family, poured hot tea and we nested. Orange jello also comforts me, especially when eaten with my favorite childhood grapefruit spoon. What do you like to eat or drink when you feel something coming on?

All better this morning, thank goodness, because we have a First Homecoming to prepare for tonight!


Mixing up all the seasons...

Lets see here. I took pics of the 'summer decor' (which is basically a whole lotta pictures everywhere) and then did some dusting. Didn't bring up a speck of Halloween or Fall decor so now it looks like we are living a simple life in the front room.

Then Hubby built a fire in the fireplace and we promptly sat down in front of it and kept adding more wood. It was heaven. But no more decorating was done.

So what do I do? Go on PINTEREST of course and start pinning more ideas for CHRISTMAS. By Christmas I am sure I will be completely focus on Easter. Anyone else have this little issue I have been perfecting for years and years?


Calming, Peaceful Work...

 Part of last week was spent sorting out those vintage game letter cards, putting them into words, marking them and sending them off to Memory Lane. Brilliant idea Sharla! They are MOVING! And now that all the letters are sorted, it all comes together rather quickly.

Another project is going to involve these:

And perhaps these:

 But I only have a couple boxes of these great words, so might need to wait until I collect a few more to let go. You know how that works.

It helped to lose myself in Pandora for a few hours. One of the songs I can't get enough of right now?