Time Goes By So Quickly...


First of all, I need to apologize. Time got away from me terribly easily this past school year. And I am a procrastinator. And I don't multitask very well anymore. And I was working. And...and...and...
Isn't that just how life goes? 
(that being said I am horrified I have updated Dime Store Thrift only 6 times this past year. ahem.)

If you are missing me so terribly you can hardly bear it without my constant chatter, you can find me pretty active on Twitter and Instagram. The links are along the sidebar. But I think of you as the kind of friend that can be caught back up quickly and resume our relationship right where we left off.

How are YOU doing? Have you thrifted anything awesome you can send me a pic of? Have you created anything that you want to show off? By all means then, message me!