Thrift Finds

This was part of a set (1971 being the best year)
  I was so glad to head out to some of my favorite stores at the end of last week...even more happy with the finds!

Skatie Katie Puzzle to add to holiday decor

Conde Nast Book circa 1955

Love these bottle openers!

What is thrifting without finding MORE books

Kitchen Prayer Ceramic Wall Hanging from 1962

Adorbs plastic bank

Fun hamburger press with chef graphics
It was good to come across some unique finds during my outing! Friday's plans are to go rummaging...


Summer Sales

The Summer Of Sales Continues! Visit Memory Lane here in Sioux City and enjoy a 40% discount off of every single item in booth 316 OR visit Dime Store Thrift Etsy and enjoy a 50% discount off of every single item in the shop! Just enter the code: Summer when you check out online.


Vintage Baby Clothes (and the cleaning of...)

I went to an actual sale over the weekend while we were in MN and found a whole gigantic box of vintage baby clothing! Fab teensy dresses, sweaters, bonnets, ruffled diaper covers, tiny nightgowns...Wheeeeeee! And now I am soaking all of them to get rid of a few stains and freshen them up.

So here is my question:

Have you soaked vintage clothing before? What have you used that worked? I am trying an overnight soak in Era, because that is what I happened to have on hand. But if you have a fool proof method, by all means, let me know.

How adorable is that little polyester dress? I guess it is hard for you to tell while it is wet. Can't WAIT to show you the haul!


I Have Not Even Made A Dent In Cleaning The Studio

Not really, anyway. Not nearly as much as I need to do.

But how nice is that stack of books?!


The Beginning Of DeCluttering

 Oh Boy. I finally walked into the studio and started dealing with the piles that I am SO good at leaving perched on top of my crafting desk.

Long Drawn Out Sigh.
 I am really, really good at piling, hmmmm? Just to clarify, there is nothing on the floor. I like to pile my things on top of tables!

Let's see what can get done this morning...


And We Are Back...

Love these little letter tiles!
  I took the kids up to Minnesota last week to spend a few days at the cabin...sometimes you have to take the time when it reveals itself to you. Summers go so very quickly, especially with activities both Lu and Bud are involved in, so we are enjoying every single moment.

Blanket found at Second Season on Pierce Street
  Something I want to find some more of are hand knit/crocheted blankets. I am still plugging away at my own hand made blanket, but in all honesty, have not picked up my hook in a terribly long time. 

These are just a few things I took with me up to the lake and did not even glance at while there...along with the previous mentioned crocheting, I brought along a metal stamping kit, my recipe box to organize and several misc craft projects that went untouched because I spend most of the time in and around this:

It always surprises me how much we take up there while in reality, we do not use 1/10th of what we bring along. As long as there are books, we are content.

Someday I will take my own advice and stop packing so much.


This Might Be The Best Thing I Have Found On Pinterest Yet

Another one of my big goals over the summer is to actually do more of what I find inspiring on Pinterest.

(So add that to my list of: getting organized, decluttering, making new foods, losing weight, thrifting, doing fabulous things to my space at Memory Lane and in my Etsy Shop and making memories with my family that will last a lifetime...)

Making this little treat off of Pinterest was definitely quicker and nearly life changing. Ever since the winter-before-last and my freaky bout with pneumonia that landed me in the ICU, I have been a little over the top about breathing in anything such as heavily scented candles or plug ins. So when I saw this pin and was told how goooooood it smelled (like Williams-Sonoma!) I grabbed the ingredients and let it simmer away.

It. Smells.Wonderful.

And more importantly? It got rid of the smell of BROCCOLI in my kitchen within minutes.

Here is what you do:
Slice a Lemon
Add a few springs of Rosemary
Pour in a couple tsp of Vanilla
Add water and simmer.

Easy Peasy and again, it smells soooooooo good and I don't have to worry about any of us breathing it in.