Working On The Green Thumb {Summer 2013}

We have suffered tomato blight the past couple summers. Extensive research (aka googling) shows that the problem lies in our soil in the raised bed we use to plant our veggies. So after much thought (10, maybe 15 minutes) Bud and I decided we would plant cutting flowers in the vegetable garden for a few summers and that Hubby would help us fix up some potted tomatoes on the back patio.
 We picked several packages of cutting flowers to plant by seed. Not sure if those are the flowers coming up or I need to do some weeding? Will give it another week and see what we have for consistency in seedlings popping up.
 Looking back toward the house, it will add a nice area of color!
And this is on the side of the yard looking up at the raised bed. Bring on those flowers! And bring on Summer!
What are you planting this year?


SusieQT said...

I have never had any luck with planting flowers from seed, with 2 exceptions- zinnia and daisies. I highly recommend those two, if you need to replant!

Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

I admit I am really curious as to if they will grow! I think that both zinnias and daisies are in there, so hopefully will see some popping up:)