Vintage Fisher Price Toys (My Favorite)


Hidden inside this unassuming window seat in our back room is a colorful secret. Want to take a peek? 
This is where I have to admit that the kids haven't played with these for years. They are kept mostly for my own benefit because I LOOOOOOVE vintage Fisher Price toys. They make me happy.

The colors, their little happy faces, the cute little vehicles and buildings and towns and farm animals and chairs and hospital xray machines and a western town and look at that tiny canoe! I sorted through it all and did actually get rid of some because really, I did not need 18 school teachers. (you can currently find those extras at Memory Lane)

I am sure we could find other things to put in the window seat. Photo albums...maybe extra blankets for the winter months...DVDs...

But wouldn't that be sort of boring?


AuntLou said...

Glad I'm not alone! Almost brought a more modern fp ship home with me on Sat. No place to put it... :)

Sue said...

Makes me wish I'd kept more of our FP collection, but where would I store them. I have a few things, and I take them with me when I visit my grandson. Then I take them back home, so it's something special to him, and doesn't clutter up their house.

Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

Aunt Lou, We have been slowly getting rid of our modern FP as Haden gets older and we are trying to ease up on some of the toys we have in storage...and alot of the newer FP buildings are HUGE compared to the older. It is still hard to let them go, though, they are just such happy toys.
Sue, that is a SUPER idea to bring it back and forth...he will have good memories of it and not tire of playing with them!

The Elegant Thrifter said...

So many familiar faces in there!