What I Have Been Up To {Les Mis Bracelet Assembling}

You know how it goes when you start to make something...you make the hell out of it over and over again. This is my latest project in Les Miserables bracelet making:

I am seriously addicted to making these. Sort of like making the Christmas wreaths...when you have all the supplies out at once, it is so easy to just keep going and going and going. Four of these are going to be heading off to the Lamb Theatre "Baanefit" and hoping to add a few more to the Etsy shop.


Clara said...

I really like the bracelet! Your girls are adorable. What fun!

Clara from Redeemed Junk and Stuff

AuntLou said...

Well, hello! I like the bracelet & the girls look like they are a blast. :)

Shelley Germann said...

Love the bracelet. I will pass this onto a friend. Her daughter is much like Lu and is in her second year at Fordham U in NYC.

The girls are beautiful. What a great time for them!

Malinda Tamlyn said...

I hope you can single handedly bring back the charm bracelet. I so love it.
Reuzeit Emporium

Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

Wow I have MISSED you guys! Thank you so much for stopping by:)
Malinda, It is my goal...We shall see how it goes;)

Van said...

Adorable photo and bracelet :)