Decorating For The Holidays

 The decorating has BEGUN! Actually, it was mostly done last Friday, but there is still a lot of moving around of things right now. I like to call this week the transition stage...decor moves from spot to spot until it looks 'at home'.

That line of lights going down the side of the mantle is driving me nuts. But waddya do??

Enjoy your day! Sonya


I Simply Cannot Keep It All...

Oh My Goodness. I have a lot of Christmas decor. It is time to start letting some things go. We decorated the house on Friday and somehow ended up with a whole huge box of things that we had put out last year but have no room for this year. How did that happen?? 

And don't even get me STARTED on what my studio looks like...a bit like a Christmas scene exploded and there are treasures everywhere on every single surface. And no where to display a lot of it.

I love me a dime store nativity, but if I don't have room to put them all out and they are in storage in the studio...that just doesn't seem right. So I need to pick a favorite (ok, 2) and let all the others go. Or buy a bigger house. I kid!

So if I do say so myself, there are going to be some fabulous goodies heading into the Etsy shop this coming week.

Enjoy your evening,


The White Wreaths

Winter Wreath

These are the latest wreath creations that are heading to  my booth at Memory Lane. They both are made using a white, almost iridescent tinsel wreath. Both really POP!

Speaking of Memory Lane, I had a fellow thrifter/seller ask me how to make these...not a big deal as I've done tutorials on this, as you all know, the secret is in the vintage balls. But I was surprised walking past her booth yesterday to see her selling the same creations. At the same flea market that I am selling them in. At half the price that I am selling mine for. Which is sort of not cool.

After the loud involuntary noise that escaped my body upon seeing them (it sort of sounded like a loud "WHAT?!?!?!") I am letting it go. Mostly because mine are still cooler. And it serves me no purpose to get mad.

Bright Christmas

The colors in this one are just so happy! I have one more wreath I am planning on making this year and then will be focusing on some other Christmas crafting. With glitter.
Enjoy your day! Sonya


A Week Of Thanksgiving

 Good Morning! Thought I would pop in here before I head off to the grocery store for our Thanksgiving Feast. Shopping the week of Thanksgiving is always a bit of an adventure since everyone else is also purchasing their groceries and the aisles can be such a bumper car ride.

But I am going into this adequately rested and hydrated so should be able to manage playing nicely with the other shoppers.

Several of you have asked about Thanksgiving decorations and I thought I would show you the extent of that this year...The Mantle and the Coffee Table.
On top of the mantle from left to right: Thrifted tea light candle holders, a pilgrim and his wife thrifted from Goodwill and made in Japan, a pumpkin scented candle, thrifted Eddie Bauer clock, Cornucopia and paper machie fruit all from Hobby Lobby clearance, Gurley candles of pilgrims, pilgrim kids and turkeys and a Thanksgiving plaster scene from Hobby Lobby clearance.

Below is some cool metal balls with leaf designs (Hobby Lobby) and pine cones from Michael's in a pottery bowl.
It's not a ton of decor, but it is simple and festive.

How are you decorating for the holiday?
Enjoy your day, Sonya


Getting There

Thank you.

For the prayers, emails, texts, flowers, meals, kindness, help with getting the kids where they need to be. We are all so grateful to have such a wonderful network in times like these. Even just hearing other people's stories of gall bladders is bonding. Seems more people have had them out than still have them in!

This has been quite a year and you don't realize how precious the wonderful people who are surrounding you until they do these acts of kindness that just bring you to tears of gratitude. And thank God for amazing surgeons and good hospitals.

Each day is better. Will be glad to be in more of a routine by next week.

Enjoy your day, your weekend,


Framed Prints and Interupptions

Found this at our local Goodwill just this past week and it fits our current fascination with New Orleans and Jazz. It is now residing happily on the wall in our back room. $4.

Thank you for hanging with me during this odd year of health issues...First the interesting month of January and then the thrill ride of August. Now my body seems to be hell bent on having my gall bladder removed. Actually, I am in so much pain, I would happily remove it myself. So that being said, am taking a wee bit of a break from Etsy and Memory Lane and my fabulous wreath making to get this taken care of and get back on track for the holidays. And from what I have heard, it is a pretty quick recovery time, so shall be back here before you know it.

Enjoy your day! Sonya


Wreath Week Additions...

"Let It Snow"

"Santa Claus Is Coming To Town"


Wreath Week Has Begun!

Enjoy your day! Sonya


Was Heading To Target But Stopped at Goodwill First:

You remember I needed some more soup bowls on Halloween? I found them at our local Goodwill. Vintage, in perfect condition and they were 50 cents a piece...as much as I love shopping Target, this was a much more satisfying purchase. Enjoy your day! Sonya


Christmas Mushy

These are the kind of finds that make me squeal. Sometimes I can keep it inside. Other times I am sure there are nearby shoppers that are startled to hear the Squeeeeeaaaal!

I find this stuff quite often. But in the box?

 That was so adorably marked down to 10 cents?
This morning I am headed out to see what some of my fav thrift stores have displayed now that Halloween has come and gone. A lot of them wait until November to start putting out Christmas decor, except for a few select who have Christmas decor out year round.

Enjoy your day! Sonya


He's Got The Moves Like Jagger (or Kit Fisto)

We take our Halloween very seriously around here. And when a certain 6 year old requests his 14 year old sister to do some facepainting, well that sister takes her paintbrush in hand and transforms her brother into a Star Wars Jedi. Who has some serious Jedi moves:

I am so not in the mood to take down Halloween decor today, but will most likely do so anyway. One step closer to getting the house all glittered up for the Holidays, right?

I like to leave the pumpkins out and have picked a few items up the last few years to make it look festive. But after all the Halloween decor, it still looks a little bare until we decorate for Christmas. Need to figure out a way to fill in those areas that need a little something.

Enjoy your day! Sonya