Bud's Harry Potter Surprise Party!

Bud is now 7. MY BABY IS SEVEN!  And is so into Harry Potter he can hardly contain himself. So when we decided to throw a little surprise party for him and a few close friends yesterday, it was quite easy to come up with a theme. Some streamers and balloons in Griffindor colors:
 A cool sign painted by Lu:
 And a scavenger hunt to get the party started:
--Wands were wooden dowels
--Toads and snakes were small plastic Target finds
--Dragon eggs were Easter eggs spray painted bright gold
--Stones were large beads
--Wizards cup was little trophy's found also at Target in their party section

Buds close friends Mommies are my close friends which makes it very easy to just relax and enjoy the party. The different items they found on their scavenger hunt went home with each child in their goodie bags, The potions class was part of the refreshments (7up and food coloring) and then cupcakes in the 'great hall' for treats. And then the kids just played hard while the Mom's had a chance to catch up. It was so much fun!

And now I need to get my newly 7 year old child off to school.

Enjoy your day, Sonya