Do You Know Where That One Recipe Is??

Because I have NO idea where it is at.

One of my little projects the past few weeks has been to get my recipes in order. Mostly get rid of recipes I have never made and absolutely will NEVER make and to put together a cook book of our very favorites. So I could find exactly what I needed without a search of 8 or 9 different spots where the recipe might be hiding. Every Thanksgiving and Christmas I make something we refer to as "Dumplings with Sauerkraut". I made it at Thanksgiving, but do you think I could find it to make at Christmas?? It ended up being in a pile of post office receipts on top of my desk in the Studio. What??

Of course I started this project in the middle of getting ready for Christmas. Because that is SUCH A GOOD TIME OF YEAR TO START PROJECTS. It must have been just the soothing type of activity I needed, however, because I did get quite a bit done looking at it all over an afternoon. Mostly getting rid of double (triple...quadruple...) recipes for pumpkin muffins and chicken chili.

But then I put it all away and am now waiting patiently for a nice blizzard to take the clippings and recipe cards out again and organize. I also wanted to find out what recipes the rest of the family felt needed be tried or let go of.

I think if all my recipes were just in these 3 pictures, my life would be far less complicated. But there are more...far more. Will keep you posted.

Enjoy your day, Sonya