Christmas All Through The House--The Kitchen and Back Living Room

And our little Christmas Through The House tour is nearly at an end. I am forbidden from taking you upstairs and through the rest of the house due to the confidentiality clause Hubby makes me sign every year.

Here we are in the door of the kitchen area. I LOVE the old bell magnet from my parents home and along with the magnet I reproduced a few years ago. I need to make some more of those!

The vintage wire tree and old ornaments still have a place up on top.

All the Children's Christmas books fill the metal bin. We are actually reading one every.single.night.

Snowman collection on the back cupboard. Along with other decorations, hese have really been thinned out over the past few years as well!

LOVE this framed old magazine. Such a great idea to do with old papers.

Another tiny collection that was just made to stretch out along the back of the stove...

 Thank you for taking these tours with me this year! I am all warm and fuzzy with the kind comments that have been left. You have been WONDERFUL guests! If you are in the neighborhood, you call me and we shall have a cup of coffee.


Christmas All Through The House--The Front Living Room

And now we are moving out of the dining room and on into the front living room...
 Oh wait. Before we leave I want to mention one thing...everything we typically have on the walls gets removed and something Christmas-y gets put in its place:
 On these walls I have a old pictures of a Christmas scene and a poster from a play Lu was in years ago:
 Ok, lets continue on...The tree is the same as we have every single year, filled with old, new and handmade ornaments. We can spend a lot of time walking around it and remembering.
 Its sorts of crazy looking, but its so much ours and I love it.
 Totally should've had a fire going...
 The Santa collection still makes me happy...

It just all comes together on this table, more so than if I had them all scattered everywhere through out the house.

The old gumball machine filled with the tiny Shiny Brites drives Bud to distraction. He keeps asking if he can put a coin in and get one out. To which I say no. I am assuming this will happen in secret at some point before it gets packed away again, but one can only hope that the 7 year old finds it within himself to show some restraint.
 The mantle was really throwing me for a loop this year. Until we decided it needed more light and more red and there you go. If I come across some more unique looking candles I will be adding a few more.

This was what the front room looked like exactly one week ago...

And today...

Next tour will take us through the kitchen and into the back living room!


Christmas All Through The House--The Dining Room

I was going to load all the pictures of the decorations at once, but once I hit 36 plus photos, I decided...you know...to pace myself a little bit.

We moved the dining room around to seat more family during Thanksgiving and afterwards thought it would be a nice shake up to leave the table this way and move the buffet on the East wall. Change is good.

I am still surprised at how much we have let go of the past years but still really love the decorations that remain. Lots of little vignettes, but it really doesn't feel overwhelming when you walk into a room. Speaking of rooms, more will be coming in the next few days!