Christmas All Through The House--The Kitchen and Back Living Room

And our little Christmas Through The House tour is nearly at an end. I am forbidden from taking you upstairs and through the rest of the house due to the confidentiality clause Hubby makes me sign every year.

Here we are in the door of the kitchen area. I LOVE the old bell magnet from my parents home and along with the magnet I reproduced a few years ago. I need to make some more of those!

The vintage wire tree and old ornaments still have a place up on top.

All the Children's Christmas books fill the metal bin. We are actually reading one every.single.night.

Snowman collection on the back cupboard. Along with other decorations, hese have really been thinned out over the past few years as well!

LOVE this framed old magazine. Such a great idea to do with old papers.

Another tiny collection that was just made to stretch out along the back of the stove...

 Thank you for taking these tours with me this year! I am all warm and fuzzy with the kind comments that have been left. You have been WONDERFUL guests! If you are in the neighborhood, you call me and we shall have a cup of coffee.