Do You Know Where That One Recipe Is??

Because I have NO idea where it is at.

One of my little projects the past few weeks has been to get my recipes in order. Mostly get rid of recipes I have never made and absolutely will NEVER make and to put together a cook book of our very favorites. So I could find exactly what I needed without a search of 8 or 9 different spots where the recipe might be hiding. Every Thanksgiving and Christmas I make something we refer to as "Dumplings with Sauerkraut". I made it at Thanksgiving, but do you think I could find it to make at Christmas?? It ended up being in a pile of post office receipts on top of my desk in the Studio. What??

Of course I started this project in the middle of getting ready for Christmas. Because that is SUCH A GOOD TIME OF YEAR TO START PROJECTS. It must have been just the soothing type of activity I needed, however, because I did get quite a bit done looking at it all over an afternoon. Mostly getting rid of double (triple...quadruple...) recipes for pumpkin muffins and chicken chili.

But then I put it all away and am now waiting patiently for a nice blizzard to take the clippings and recipe cards out again and organize. I also wanted to find out what recipes the rest of the family felt needed be tried or let go of.

I think if all my recipes were just in these 3 pictures, my life would be far less complicated. But there are more...far more. Will keep you posted.

Enjoy your day, Sonya


Merry Christmas!

My wish for you is for a beautiful holiday spent with your loved ones. I am taking the next few days to do just that! Be back here on Monday,



Teacher Gifts

Teacher gifts can throw me for a loop some years. Usually we get something for the classroom and something for the teacher (s). Sometimes there is a bit of baking involved and sometimes there is a bit of crafting. This year Bud's teacher (who is a close friend) received a wreath. But when I saw THIS PROJECT from Suzonne (who would be one of my very best friends if she lived anywhere near me) Bud and I decided to break out the crafting tools one more time to create these:

I am LOVING this project. Will be on the lookout now for fab vintage buttons because we MUST MAKE MORE!
Enjoy your day, Sonya


Christmas Manger Set

I have never seen one of these before! Made of heavy cardboard, it was fun to assemble. Unfortunately, it is missing a couple pieces, but thankfully none of the main ones.

Methinks this is a keeper for my own collection.
Enjoy your day! Sonya


Bud And Christmas

I am loving all the holiday artwork that is coming home from school the past couple weeks...

And finding lists of Christmas Wishes...

And seeing him spread out on the dining room table making his own calendar because it is 'more creative' than just buying one already made.

Enjoy your day, Sonya


Still Nesting...

Our routine the last couple of days has been rawther relaxing. It would've been better if Bud had felt more like himself, but I have a sneaking suspicion it wouldn't have been quite so calm in our little basement nest.

He is feeling much better now and will be heading back to school. Thank you for your kind emails!

Enjoy your day and stay healthy,



Bud is down today with a low grade fever and a Mama who kept him home to just sleep and watch DVR'd movies in our little basement nest of pillows and cozy blankets.

While he napped (several times) I managed to get some more goodies loaded into the Etsy shop, Yay! Here are some pics of what is still coming for tomorrow:

Hopefully tomorrow Bud will be back up and running around, ready for school. Otherwise, look for us in our little nest again.
Enjoy your evening! Sonya


Decorating For The Holidays

 The decorating has BEGUN! Actually, it was mostly done last Friday, but there is still a lot of moving around of things right now. I like to call this week the transition stage...decor moves from spot to spot until it looks 'at home'.

That line of lights going down the side of the mantle is driving me nuts. But waddya do??

Enjoy your day! Sonya


I Simply Cannot Keep It All...

Oh My Goodness. I have a lot of Christmas decor. It is time to start letting some things go. We decorated the house on Friday and somehow ended up with a whole huge box of things that we had put out last year but have no room for this year. How did that happen?? 

And don't even get me STARTED on what my studio looks like...a bit like a Christmas scene exploded and there are treasures everywhere on every single surface. And no where to display a lot of it.

I love me a dime store nativity, but if I don't have room to put them all out and they are in storage in the studio...that just doesn't seem right. So I need to pick a favorite (ok, 2) and let all the others go. Or buy a bigger house. I kid!

So if I do say so myself, there are going to be some fabulous goodies heading into the Etsy shop this coming week.

Enjoy your evening,


The White Wreaths

Winter Wreath

These are the latest wreath creations that are heading to  my booth at Memory Lane. They both are made using a white, almost iridescent tinsel wreath. Both really POP!

Speaking of Memory Lane, I had a fellow thrifter/seller ask me how to make these...not a big deal as I've done tutorials on this, as you all know, the secret is in the vintage balls. But I was surprised walking past her booth yesterday to see her selling the same creations. At the same flea market that I am selling them in. At half the price that I am selling mine for. Which is sort of not cool.

After the loud involuntary noise that escaped my body upon seeing them (it sort of sounded like a loud "WHAT?!?!?!") I am letting it go. Mostly because mine are still cooler. And it serves me no purpose to get mad.

Bright Christmas

The colors in this one are just so happy! I have one more wreath I am planning on making this year and then will be focusing on some other Christmas crafting. With glitter.
Enjoy your day! Sonya