I Simply Cannot Keep It All...

Oh My Goodness. I have a lot of Christmas decor. It is time to start letting some things go. We decorated the house on Friday and somehow ended up with a whole huge box of things that we had put out last year but have no room for this year. How did that happen?? 

And don't even get me STARTED on what my studio looks like...a bit like a Christmas scene exploded and there are treasures everywhere on every single surface. And no where to display a lot of it.

I love me a dime store nativity, but if I don't have room to put them all out and they are in storage in the studio...that just doesn't seem right. So I need to pick a favorite (ok, 2) and let all the others go. Or buy a bigger house. I kid!

So if I do say so myself, there are going to be some fabulous goodies heading into the Etsy shop this coming week.

Enjoy your evening,