Back At It...

It has been a wonderful Christmas break with a whole lot of time spent in front of the fire, reading, hanging out and watching the snow falling. The past couple days I have actually picked my hook back up and am continuing making the squares for the elusive blanket dream. Getting there, slowly but surely!


FINISHED Little Golden Recipe Book (sort of)

This is where I am at so far in the Little Golden Christmas Recipe book designed by vintagestreetmarket.com. I thought I was done. I am so not going to be done with this for awhile. Mostly because there are still a lot of recipes to add. And pictures from Christmas' past that will be added. And kids artwork. And some vintage bling. So it'll be one of those projects that will continue to evolve! But for now, it is bound and ready to be used...

On the inside cover I put an old coloring page from a book that was actually saved from my childhood!

This page made me chuckle because it is sooo beat up. It is the actual notebook page that I wrote on when I had my sister in law make these while I was writing down every.single.step.she.did!

Let me know if you end up making one and I want to see pictures!


Crocheted Blankets {Collecting}

 When one takes up a new hobby that is supposed to reap tons of wonderful handmade goodies, but one sort of drops the hobby over the summer months and doesn't take the needle back up and it fades into oblivion, one has to get one's crochet fix somewhere.
Cue ones favorite second hand store coming to the rescue.
 I came across this wonderful Christmas-y blanket and swooped right on in to bring it home, wash it in the sanitary cycle of the laundry (alwaysalwaysalways) and add it to my little collection:
 Somebody is loving the newest addition to the collection.


Creating A Little Golden Book Recipe Book!

While looking around Pinterest yesterday, I came across THIS PIN (click on the link and then the Pinterest picture to go to the wonderfully inspiring website of www.vintagestreetmarket.com ) and then nearly fell running down the stairs to the Studio to get one of my many copies of Twas The Night Before Christmas Little Golden Book to start ripping it apart and glittering the pages. What a fun way to use an old copy of the book and make it into a family heirloom recipe book! This is what is happening so far:

 I removed the pages and started glittering using chunky vintage supplies I had on hand as well as some wonderful yellow extra fine Martha Stewart glitter.

 Then I gathered up some little trinkets:
 And tiny amounts of tinsel garland:
 More Glitter and red and white vellum paper:
 Red, green and gold sequins and some vintage tags:
 This is one recipe I am using that my Mom had written out for me years ago. It was glued onto some red vellum and outlined using that wonderful tinsel garland.

 But this? This is the thing that makes it all come together. An early Christmas gift to myself: A Zutter binding machine! Worth everysinglepenny:
It Makes Holes So You Can Bind Things! And yes, I SHOUTED that at you!
I am really excited about this project and am still in the process of writing out our favorite Christmas recipes and finding some more vintage tiny treasures to add to the book. Will show you the finished project once it is completed, which will probably be within the next few days.


It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year To Find Vintage Christmas

Not exactly Christmas, but this old heavy metal display unit is now residing at Memory Lane filled with glittery gift tags

We have a Santa and Mrs Claus rotating music box, four tiny Santa mugs, a nativity made in Italy, a light up angel and a Santa candy dish

I do not think I would EVER walk past a tiny Santa mug. (Esp when I find them for 25 cents!)

The details on this are awesome. I really like how Mary's cape is a separate piece!

Another metal box that will be used for display at the booth...

These are such a WONDERFUL shade of blue. The pictures just aren't doing the shade justice. But the blue will look wonderful in a Winter Wreath!

An adorable light up wreath that STILL LIGHTS UP!

And a Santa wreath that STILL LIGHTS UP! (not always easy to find these in still-working order)

And one lone gold glittered deer.
 Have you been finding fabulous Christmas goodies, too?


Getting My Glitter On...

I haven't made glittered tags for a few years now so it was a fun treat to gather up card stock, glitter and glue and get my sparkles out yesterday afternoon:

Started out with printed words on card stock. This year I used little quotes from Elf, A Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation.

This is the glitter that has been added to using broken ornaments that I've crushed (which happens often around these parts) and tiny bits of leftover glitter.

I think I want to make more! The ideas for these tags are endless.


Christmas All Through The House--The Kitchen and Back Living Room

And our little Christmas Through The House tour is nearly at an end. I am forbidden from taking you upstairs and through the rest of the house due to the confidentiality clause Hubby makes me sign every year.

Here we are in the door of the kitchen area. I LOVE the old bell magnet from my parents home and along with the magnet I reproduced a few years ago. I need to make some more of those!

The vintage wire tree and old ornaments still have a place up on top.

All the Children's Christmas books fill the metal bin. We are actually reading one every.single.night.

Snowman collection on the back cupboard. Along with other decorations, hese have really been thinned out over the past few years as well!

LOVE this framed old magazine. Such a great idea to do with old papers.

Another tiny collection that was just made to stretch out along the back of the stove...

 Thank you for taking these tours with me this year! I am all warm and fuzzy with the kind comments that have been left. You have been WONDERFUL guests! If you are in the neighborhood, you call me and we shall have a cup of coffee.