FINISHED Little Golden Recipe Book (sort of)

This is where I am at so far in the Little Golden Christmas Recipe book designed by vintagestreetmarket.com. I thought I was done. I am so not going to be done with this for awhile. Mostly because there are still a lot of recipes to add. And pictures from Christmas' past that will be added. And kids artwork. And some vintage bling. So it'll be one of those projects that will continue to evolve! But for now, it is bound and ready to be used...

On the inside cover I put an old coloring page from a book that was actually saved from my childhood!

This page made me chuckle because it is sooo beat up. It is the actual notebook page that I wrote on when I had my sister in law make these while I was writing down every.single.step.she.did!

Let me know if you end up making one and I want to see pictures!