The White Wreaths

Winter Wreath

These are the latest wreath creations that are heading to  my booth at Memory Lane. They both are made using a white, almost iridescent tinsel wreath. Both really POP!

Speaking of Memory Lane, I had a fellow thrifter/seller ask me how to make these...not a big deal as I've done tutorials on this, as you all know, the secret is in the vintage balls. But I was surprised walking past her booth yesterday to see her selling the same creations. At the same flea market that I am selling them in. At half the price that I am selling mine for. Which is sort of not cool.

After the loud involuntary noise that escaped my body upon seeing them (it sort of sounded like a loud "WHAT?!?!?!") I am letting it go. Mostly because mine are still cooler. And it serves me no purpose to get mad.

Bright Christmas

The colors in this one are just so happy! I have one more wreath I am planning on making this year and then will be focusing on some other Christmas crafting. With glitter.
Enjoy your day! Sonya