Snow, Fevers, Legos and Music

Well, Good Wednesday Morning! How it is Wednesday, I am unsure. We had a snow day on Monday. Tuesday Bud went back to school, but Lu was still home with a fever and a deep need for sleep and iced apple juice. Today, everyone is feeling good and are where they are supposed to be!

My lamp post pretending to be in Narnia

 By late Monday afternoon we were done playing and shoveling the snow, done reading our books, done watching movies and just simply done in general. Which was the perfect time to bring out the Harry Potter Lego's that I had set aside just for this type of moment.
 Bud is really into Lego's right now. Big Time. So much so that I keep eyeing the Harry Potter Hogwarts Lego Castle every time I go to Target...just waiting for that baby to go clearance.

Let's see...snow...fevers...Lego's...Music! If you scroll down to the very bottom of the blog, you will find the music that I am listening to right now. It changes often. I am LOVING the Cold Play single!

And now, I am off to visit Memory Lane and remove a whole lotta construction paper hearts.

Enjoy your day, Sonya