Shhhh {Opening Night Gift for Les Miserables}

It took a bit of time to think about what to get Lu as a gift for her role in Les Miserables.

Opening night is Friday night and I am beyond excited and simply beside myself with anticipation!

We always get her flowers and either buy something or make her something that is symbolic of the role she is playing. For The Wizard of Oz we did a Dorothy ornament; The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe gift was a set of the series of books; The Sound Of Music was a bunch of tiny trinkets wrapped up in brown paper packages and tied with string along with a photo album of candids from backstage; Annie was another ornament; The Orphan Train yielded a book regarding the story of The Orphan Train. It is always fun to find a theme and run with it.

This time I decided to make a charm bracelet/key chain holding bits and pieces from the show:

It started with a lyric

I printed it out on cardstock and put it in a little circle

And continued to add lyrics to other charms:

As well as a print out of the Les Mis portrait of Cosette

I seriously love these quick put together charms!

There will be more beads added--Black and Red--representing the song

Here we have the ship from the beginning of the story, a musical note, A castle 'on a cloud', the Eiffel Tower and a stagecoach that reminded me of the movie scene

The Paris map charm and the Stage lights

Francs! How cool are those?!
I added a clip so she can add it to her key chain if she wants, but this thing is going to be heavy when filled...it will mostly just be used as a memory

There was much placing and replacing of these charms. And I still have a ton more to put on it!

Sayings I still want to add and charms I need to find in the next day or two...


So this is where we are at at this point. Still need to print, still need to find a few more charms and then get everything attached securely! Final pics will be coming ASAP...