Hello? Tap, Tap...is this thing on?

Well! Hello There! Long time, no check in! It is so good to be back on here! Shall we just pretend it hasn't been over three years since I last posted? I am a bit more active on Instagram and Facebook these days, but it seems wrong to not also be updating where Dime Store Thrift began. So I will take care of that beginning right now. 

We have snow in our forecast later today and tonight, so I headed out early today to get a few groceries (it is what we do here in the Midwest...Bread! Milk!) and stopped at one of my favorite stores which never disappoints.

The turkey is staying with me. I have a proper turkey display ready for Thanksgiving. The ornaments, lights and Santa boxes will be used for crafting. The gnomes, which are PRISTINE are going to be listed in my Dime Store Thrift Etsy Shop, along with the 80s Christmas Trivet and the Christmas and New Year porcelain trinket dishes. Ok, I may need to keep those dishes. 

I'm so glad to be back in this space!